Canadian-born Linda Marie Grenier is a powerful singer who has become an accomplished songwriter, and has released three CD’s of original material.

Linda spends many hours traveling back and forth from county to city. Her music is often influenced by the hustle and bustle of everyday life as she reflects on it behind the wheel of her car. It’s these everyday inspirations that led to her first CD release, “GO’IN PICK’IN” in November 2000. Linda’s second CD, appropriately entitled, “ASPHALT RAMBLINGS”, was released on August 28th, 2003.

With her third release of “LIFE SAMPLINGS” on August 8, 2008 comes new songs “50 Bucks” and “Hot Spell” which are sure to be a hit.

Her songs range from light-hearted road music (“Driving” and “50 Bucks”) through acerbic commentary (“Find the Kitchen”) all the way to the torchy, evocative “Moonlight” and “Let It Go”.

“I want my audience to experience the music that I have created and hopefully they will connect with the words and the music and leave feeling comfortable, relaxed and ready to face another day in this crazy fast paced world.”

The Happy Medium is where you will end up when you finally figure out what is best for you.

Making a Living is what you do to pay the bills.

Reality is what you make it. Sometimes it hits you in the face and then you know.

Never stop dreaming. Your dream may not happen in your lifetime, the road may be rough, you may have to make some compromises, you may never be “good enough”, but you just may have a hellova lot of fun chasing it down!

Life is a Cool Ride! :0)